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DP Technology approved and sponsored by ESPRIT CAM Center, A Division of Manufacturing Recruiters, Inc. the CAM Wizard has been providing companies with the highest level of CAM software support for nearly 25 years.

Thousands of satisfied ESPRIT Users around the world have used our ESPRIT AVI MULTIMEDIA TUTORIALS to get up to speed with ESPRIT at work or at home while learning at their own pace.

Our 150+ hours of tutorials explore ESPRIT in detail teaching skills not available from any other source. Improve your ESPRIT skills and maximize your investment in ESPRIT with the CAM Wizard's ESPRIT AVI MULTIMEDIA TUTORIALS.

NEW!!! Our Tutorials are now available as a downloadable ISO DVD image. Save shipping costs and time by choosing "PICKUP" as your Shipping Method. Follow this Link to learn more.We will email you a URL Link to download your Tutorials. Included are free DVD Burning and Virtual Clone Drive software. You can choose to burn the ISO image onto a DVD or run it from your hard drive.

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Watch a YouTube Movie Overview of our new Tutorials. Other YouTube Movie Previews of each of our ESPRIT Tutorials are found below each detailed description.

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