CAM Wizard, LLC
ESPRIT Training Tutorials
for ESPRIT TNG and ESPRIT 20xx

Who is the CAM Wizard?

The CAM Wizard is Randy Rauh, founder of CIM Integraters an award winning ESPRIT Reseller located in Oklahoma. After a nearly 15 year manufacturing career that ranged from aerospace, oil field and electronic components to mold making he then spent the next 20 years as a successful CAM Reseller with two different CAM Products, SmartCAM and finally ESPRIT.

Randy Rauh has chosen to retire from running a business and now works for CAM Wizard, LLC as a consultant focusing on delivering ESPRIT Training Tutorials and support services.

Companies that range from small startups to Fortune 500 companies have benefited from Randy Rauh's manufacturing expertise to grow their businesses through his services as a CAM Reseller. Many of which continue to rely on his advice and counsel as they take on new manufacturing challenges.