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ESPRIT TNG First Look $150 This is our first ESPRIT TNG Tutorial starts with a detailed overview of the new TNG User Interface. Next is a Modeling in TNG exercise that covers the basics of creating geometry, solids and dimensioning in TNG.

We then explore TNG in detail with one Milling, one Turning and one Wire EDM project in TNG from scratch so you can learn how to get starting using TNG. These exercises showcase some of the new functionality that ESPRIT TNG has to offer while explaining the differences from an ESPRIT 20xx perspective. We follow that up with a lesson that covers the methods of saving Operations, Template, the new Pack and Save and much more.

The next movie addresses the most important questions for any ESPRIT 20xx Users about TNG. We will take you through reading ESPRIT 20xx .ESP files in TNG to discuss the steps needed to use your legacy .ESP file. Next we cover converting your existing ESPRIT 20xx .EMS Machine Setup files into an ESPRIT TNG Machine Project using the Machine Tool Builder.

Last but not least we go through a hands-on exercise upgrading an old ESPRIT 2010 Post Processor to work in ESPRIT TNG and discuss some of the Post changes needed to take advantage of the new and improved way of making parts in ESPRIT TNG.

Whether you're already using ESPRIT TNG or want to know more so you can prepare for the future one this is clear, ESPRIT TNG is the future of ESPRIT. This Tutorial will help you as you understand what ESPRIT TNG is all about and to help you manage your transition from ESPRIT 20xx to ESPRIT TNG.

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